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The Learning Partnership "Gaining and strengthening 'soft skills' for employment through models of supporting methods (peer coaching and mentoring)" gathers eight European partners from seven countries: Hungary, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Cyprus and Denmark. The general objectives of the project are to face the challenge of growing elderly population and unemployment in Europe and to increase the number of adult learners in lifelong learning and mobilities. The project's main objective is to develop learning tools and environments for strengthening 'soft skills' and models of supporting learning and training while connecting generations in order to increase employability and motivation for all ages. The project addresses the lack of researches done on soft skills and related training methods (voluntary methods, such as peer coaching and mentoring) as well as online communities and workshops organized on these topics in Europe. The participants have understood the need for putting emphasis on soft skills for more quality and better results in their organizations. Therefore, the project aims at raising the awareness of the need for these skills and supportive models that incorporate best practices available for use by individuals, other organizations, enterprises and local, regional, national and European authorities. Furthermore, the researches and activities of the project are expected to be core elements for future cooperations in a so called knowledge triangle, something that is a priority of our organizations and the European Union. The main results are the development of a new learning process through two new products, the 'Soft Skills Toolkit' and the 'Guidelines for models of supporting methods (Peer Coaching and Mentoring)'.

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Two new products to help clients into work.

Publication in Kathimerini (Cyprus) online newspaper, Business section: Soft Skills Toolkit

The last meeting of the project SOFT SKILLS was implemented (EN)

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Gaining Soft Skills: 5th Steering Committee Meeting in Budapest
16/06/2014 - 17/06/2014  (Budapest)

Gaining Soft Skills: 6th (additional) meeting in Denmark
21/05/2014 - 22/05/2014  (Denmark)

Gaining Soft Skills: 4th Steering Committee Meeting in Austria
05/02/2014 - 06/02/2014  (Austria)


National Reports on researches about supporting methods

National reports on the needs of employers for soft skills – definitions and contexts, and international summation of skill needs to choose, find, win and keep a job.

The Guidelines

A short guide for those who are coaching, mentoring or helping peers to find work,. The Guide gives advice on the basic techniques for successful coaching. It will be useful for those without formal training or previous experience, and may be used…

The Soft Skills toolkit

A collection of about 60 simple-to-use daily exercises for use by job seekers with or without the aid of a coach or mentor, alone or with peers. The exercises may be used in any sequence and selected to suit the needs of each person. They cover…

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